Journal of Applied Dental
and Medical Sciences
Journal of Applied Dental and Medical Sciences is A Quarterly Published

2018 - Vol. 4 Issue 1 Jan-March

Original Article

An Assessment Of Job Satisfaction: A Cross-Sectional Study Among Prosthodontists

Mohannad Almusined, Fahad Alotibi, Amer Alrashedi, TareqAlqunayan, Nasser Almosallam, Ashwin C Shetty

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The Prevalence Of Dental Phobia Among The Population In Riyadh City

Mohammed Al-Sayed, Faisal Al-Shmrani, Abdullah Baker, Abdullah Al-Husainy, AbdulrahmanSheikho, Mohammed Al-Rajhi, Hassan M Abouelkheir

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Patient Satisfaction From Dental Care Services Performed By Senior Dental Students

Mishari Bin Jrais, Sultan Alshahrani , Ahmed Alamoudi, Mohammed Alhosan, Saad Aldosary,
Raed Alqahtani, Abdullah Alsaleh, Khalid Albeshir, Hassan M Abouelkheir

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Estimation Of Sialic Acid Level In Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma And Potential Malignent Disorder

Arpit Jain, Guruprasad R, Preeti P Nair, Shilpa Jain

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The Effect Of Commonly Used Types Of Coffee Brands Available In Saudi Market On Teeth Staining: An In Vitro Study

Moath Alotaibi, Fahad Algahtani , Mohammed Alsharif, Faisal Aldulbahi, Anas Almutlaq, Sultan Binalrimal

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Dental Knowledge and Attitude Among Pediatricians In Referral To Pediatric Dentistry

Usha Rani Bai G S,Vinod Kumar, Naveen Kumar, Praveen Kumar, Parveen Reddy

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A Comparative Evaluation Of Root Canal Transportation And Centering Ratio Associated With Hand Protaper, Rotary Protaper And Silk Rotary Files In Continuous Rotary Motion And Reciprocating Motion Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography- An In Vitro Study

Akshay Bhavthankar, Tarun Ahuja, Zinnie Nanda, Rahul Deore, Rupali I. Gakhare, Rajnish Kumar

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Comaprison of efficacy of 0.2% chlorhexidine gluconate (hexy-mw) and herbal (hiora) mouth wash in controlling gingival and plaque index-a comparative study

Himangi Dubey, Vidhi Srivastava , Iman Baig, Swati Srivastava, Deepika Tewari 

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Prevalence Of Dry Socket After Extraction Of Permanent Teeth At Riyadh Elm University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Alburayk, Mohammed Bindakhil, Abdulrahman Alkhunaizan, Fasial Alghamdi,
Saeed Alshahrani, Zuhair Moosa

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Prevalence Of Dental Caries Among 12–14 Years Old Children In A Metropolitan City Of Nepal

K.Sayed Akber Pasha, Manu Rana, Swagat Kumar Mahanta, Mohd. Arif

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Assessment of clinical and microbiological status of dental implant And adjacent teeth

Himangi Dubey, Nida Ansari, Vidhi Srivastava, Nand Lal, Umesh P. Verma

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A Retrospective Study Of Assessment Of Survival Rates Of Dental Implants In Medically Compromised Patients

Pranjali Dutt, Vidhi Srivastava, Pooran Chand, Balendra Pratap Singh, Sunit Kumar Jurel

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Case Report

Tooth supported overdenture: A concept not yet forgotten!

Pardeep Bansal,Preetika bansal, Kabira

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Zirconia Veneers In Fluorosis Patient: Case Report

Pardeep Bansal, Gagan Chahal, Jaspinder Gill

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Sannruds Space Maintainer: A Case Report

Devyani Singh, Monisha Moses, Neerja Singh, Subash Singh

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Transsurgical Autogenous Re Attachment Of Coronal Fragment In Anterior Fractured Tooth- A Case Report & Interdisciplinary Management

Roma Kewlani, Arati C Koregol , Nagaraj Kalburgi, Waseem Ahmed Kazi

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Non-syndromic impacted multiple supernumerary teeth in permanent Dentition : A case report

Priyam Chaturvedi, Alok Singh , Somya Govil, Atul Singh

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Midline diastema closure through combined orthodontic and surgical approach: A case report

Rakhi Gupta, Trilok Shrivastava, Amitabh Kallury, Ankur Chaukse, Syed Akbar Ali, Ashutosh Sthapak 

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A Case Report of Intramucosal Nevus on Hard palat

Neha Pruthi,Geetpriya Kaur

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Hemisection Is A Reliable Treatment Modality For Mandibular Molars With Poor Prognosis –A Case Report And Review

Ankita Arun, Vidya Baliga , Prasad Dhadse, Priyanka Jaiswal, Bhairavi Kale, Bindu Singh

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Ankyloglossia: Treatment By Electrosurgery – A Case Series

Bhairavi Kale, Priyanka Jaiswal ,Prasad Dhadse, M. L. Bhongade, Ankita Agrawal, Bindu Singh,Tulika Soni

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An Economical Approach to an Implant Supported Overdenture - A Case Report

Asad Musa Mujawar, S.C.Nagaral, Sohaib Syed Aleemuddin Shahed

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Review Article

Interrelationship Between Prosthodontics And Periodontics-A Review Article

Preetika bansal, Pardeep Bansal , Tejinder

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Basal Implants : A Breakthrough For Atrophic Ridges: Review

Sohaib Syed Aleemuddin Shahed, S.C.Nagaral, Asad Musa Mujawar

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Management Of Anxious And Phobic Patients In A Dental Practice

Preeti Singh, Anu Singh, Jyothi C., Nidhi Pruthi, Devina Pradhan

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Sneak Peek Into Peek Polymer: An Innovation

Shaista Tabasum, Pratheek Shetty , Manish Goutam

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As Good As New: Repair Of Fractured Porcelain Fused To Metal Restorations

Nazish Baig, Nimisha Barve , Babita Yeshwante, Vivekanand Jadhav, Prasad Adhapure, Krishna Gorde

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Self Ligating Brackets: An Evolving System

Divya Phaphriya, Ankur Chaukse , Abhishek Chaudhary, Amitabh Kallury, Trilok Shrivastava,
Syed Akbar Ali 

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Archform In Orthodontics: A Review

Amit Tiwari, Ashish Garg , Bhavna Virang, Samprita Sahu, Neetu Shah, Nikhil Verma

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Temporomandibular Joint And Orthodontics: A Review Article

Rajdeeep Kaur, Sudhir Munjal, Satnam Singh, Amanpreet Singh Natt, Harmeet Singh

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Impacted Canine: An Arduous Task

Bharti Goyal, Sudhir Munjal, Satnam Singh, Amanpreet Singh Natt, Harmeet Singh

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