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Non-syndromic impacted multiple supernumerary teeth in permanent Dentition : A case report

Priyam Chaturvedi, Alok Singh , Somya Govil, Atul Singh


Non-syndromic hyperdontia or supermunery teeth is a rare phenomenon. Syndromes, metabolic and hormonal disorders are often associated with several impacted permanent and supernumery teeth. Approximately 75% of supernumery teeth are impacted and asymptomatic. Accordingly, most such teeth compromise of typical findings in context of routine X- ray studies. More often shortage of eruptive force and rotation of tooth buds that causes multiple impactions. Nevertheless additional examinations are required to exclude any systemic or metabolic conditions. This is a case report of 10 -year-old male having 3 supernumerary teeth with non-syndromic association, which were diagnosed during routine radiographic examination

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