Journal of Applied Dental
and Medical Sciences
Journal of Applied Dental and Medical Sciences is A Quarterly Published

2017 - Vol. 3 Issue 4 Oct-Dec

Original Article

Microbial Contamination Of Toothbrush In Relation To Their Storage Place

Bayan Alkhatheri, Dalia Alabasi, Ghadeer Alkufairi, Dalia Abdelazim

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Comparison Of Accuracy Of Root Zx, Propex Pixi And Romidan Apex Locator - An In-Vitro Study

T.Manisha Choudary, Bharat Deosarkar, Samay Chavan, Kapil Kurtikar, Pawan Darak

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An Evaluation of The Relative Parallelism Of The Occlusal Plane To The Ala And Different Tragal Levels In Dentulous Subjects

Indrani Das

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Evaluation of effects of commonly used carbonated beverages and commercially available tooth pastes on enamel: An in vitro study

Saiswarup Badrinath, Reshma Kulkarni ,Kiran Kumar N, Anoop Nair

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Fixation of Mandibular angle fractures with a 3 –dimensional strut plate – a prospective study

Debasis Sahu, Khochai Chiang, Shilpa Jain, Arpit Jain

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Assessment Of Epithelial Dysplasia And Malignant Transformation In Oral Lichenoid Lesions – A Systematic Review

Admaja Nair, Jiss Mary G , Sheeba Padiyath, Giju Baby George 

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Case Report

Post-traumatic ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint: a report of two cases

Nivedita CKVS, Sonam Khurana

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Surgical repositioning of an aberrant attachment of buccinator muscle: A novel approach to a rare occurrence

Neil De Souza, Paul Chalakkal, Godwin Clovis Da Costa, Saurabh Kamat, Sergio Martires, Renita Soares

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Comparative Study Of The Position Of Posterior Teeth In Patients With Atrophic Mandibular Ridges In Relation To Anatomical Landmarks And Neutral Zone Recording: A Clinical Study

D.K.Singh, Lav Kumar, Haripal

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