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Assessment Of Epithelial Dysplasia And Malignant Transformation In Oral Lichenoid Lesions – A Systematic Review

Admaja Nair, Jiss Mary G , Sheeba Padiyath, Giju Baby George 


Aim and objectives: The article aims a systematic review on malignant transformation of oral lichen planus ,lichenoid lesions as well as those lichenoid lesions with dysplastic features in the clinical and histopathological diagnosis. Study design : A review of the international literature was performed to summarize clinicopathological features of oral lichenoid lesions with dysplasia in initial diagnosis progressing to malignancy .Results: A total of 27 studies were evaluated to assess the malignancy progression in OLP, OLL and OLD. The average rate of malignant transformation in OLP ranges from 0.07 to 6.57%.The survey of the literature shows that no particular risk groups can be identified. However, OLD exhibit significant risk of malignancy followed by OLL and OLP. Conclusion: malignant transformation in oral lichenoid lesions is still a controversy. Only retrospective studies are available till date. Long term multicentre, longitudinal studies must be carried out to assess the progression of dysplasia as well as development of malignancy in those lesions.

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