Journal of Applied Dental
and Medical Sciences
Journal of Applied Dental and Medical Sciences is A Quarterly Published

2018 - Vol. 4 Issue 3 July-Sept

Original Article

Evaluation of shear bond strength of ceramic on commercially pure titanium (CpTi) after Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding - An in vitro study

 Gopisetty Harshini,  S. Venkat Aditya,  K. Mahendranadh Reddy,  Y. Mahadev Shastry,  G. V. Krishna Mohan Reddy,  Jayakrishna Babu

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Simvastatin Collagen Graft In the surgical management of Mandibular Class II Furcation Defects

Shivali S. Gaekwad, Gauresh Kumar Patel, Sheela Kumar Gujjari, Pramod kumar T.M

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Case Report

Fabrication of an interim prosthesis for a patient with palatal perforation: A Case Report

Ashita Dahiya, Monalisha Das, P.Laxman Rao

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Review Article

Benefits of zirconia implants over titanium implants: A Systematic review

Shubham Jain, Rajeev Srivastava, vivek choukse,Nikhil Abbad

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Junctional Epithelium: A dynamic seal around the tooth

Anindya Priya Saha, Sananda Saha, Somadutta Mitra

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