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2015 - Vol. 1 Issue 3 Oct-Dec


Economic Incongruity creating treatment disparities!

Manish Goutam

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Short Communicat

Clinical and Imaging Evaluation of Third Molars: A Review

Shikha mandal, Mayank Pahadia, Shashank Sahu, Aditya Joshi, Deep Suryawanshi, Alpana Tiwari

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Original Article

To Study Awareness of Patients about Implant and Willingness for Implant

Sunita Mathuriya, Surendra Agarwal

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Comparative evaluation of adjunctive use of four commercially available antimicrobial topical gels in chronic gingivitis: A clinical study

Ashank Mishra, Baddam Harshitha, Krishnajaneya Reddy

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Oral Health Perception And Practices Among School Teachers In A South Indian City

A. Vinita Mary, A. V. Rajesh Ebenezar , R. Kesavan, Preetha E. Chaly , V. Chandrasekhara Reddy, Naveen Ingle 

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An In Vitro Study to Assess the Changes in Hardness and Tensile Bond Strength of Selected Soft Lining Materials, After Long Term Immersion in Denture Cleansers

Anumeha Narwal

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Influence of Cast Surface Finishing Process on Metal-Ceramic Bond Strength –In Vitro Study

Hemant Gadge, Mahesh Gandhewar , vinamra chaturvedi,Suresh Nagral,Madhvi Singh, Manish Goutam

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A study on Awareness and Practices on Oral Hygiene among Patients attending OPD at Farooqia Dental College & Hospital, Mysore

Gurudath G, Vijaykuamr KV

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Case Report

Treatment of Skeletal Class II Malocclusion with Twin-block

Prasad V Bonde, Veerendra V Kerudi, Neeraj Patil, Siddhesh G Dolas, Harshal A Patil

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Mucocele on the lower lip treated by scalpel excision method-A Case Report

Parveen Reddy KM, Prahalad Hunasigi, Amar Varma C, Praveen kumar NH, Vinod Kumar

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Displacement of a mandibular Third molar in the Pterygomandibular space - a case report

Meena M Vora, Punam N Nagargoje

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Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Custom Made Ocular Prosthesis: A Case Report

Prithviraj D R, Rachana Srivastava, Satyam Gaur, Abhishekha Patil, Soundr Raj K, Shruthi DP

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Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a lost finger using heat cure acrylic resin– A case report

Vijayanti Lotwani, Alfiya Jaswi

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Preventive Prosthodontics: Combination of Tooth Supported BPS Overdenture & Flexible Removable Partial Denture

A. Habeeb Bin Mohsin,M. Priyanka ,Sarah Samee

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A witty hand of orthodontic treatment- Fixed partial appliance

Jalis Fatima,Parul Jain ,Anuj Kumar Pathak,Paras Angrish

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Re-implantation and 8 months follow-up of the avulsed maxillary central incisors with 5 days of extra-oral dry time: A Clinical Case Report

Parth Shah,Shoeb Mujawar

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Transosseous Wire Fixation: An Obsolete, Yet Valuable Method For Surgical Management Of Facial Fractures

Abhishek Handa, Sharma Shrikant Surendra, Sandeep Singh Rana, Rajkumar Mantri, Manish Sharma, Rushi Virani

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Pyogenic granuloma (lobular capillary hemangioma) of the Tongue: a case report

Harmurti Singh, Abhishek Singh, Bharat Shukla, Gourab Das, Neha Agarwal, Gauravi G. Singh

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Non-Syndromic Multiple Odontogenic Keratocyst

Rohan Chaudhari, Sagar Nagare, Rajendra Birangane, Usama Kharadi, Sagar Khairnar, Pratik Parkarwar

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Idiopathic gingival fibromatosis – A Rare Case Report

Pratik Parkarwar, Kiran Patil, Afroz Anjum, Rohan Choudhari, Yogesh Doshi, Rajendra Birangane

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Review Article

Evidence Based Dental Practice: A Review

Vinej Somaraj, Rekha P Shenoy, Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal, Praveen Jodalli, Laxminarayan Sonde

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Interproximal Enamel Reduction in Orthodontic Treatment: A Review

Abhishek Choudhary, Ankit K Gautam, Ajay Chouksey, Medha Bhusan, Mukta Nigam, Manali Tiwari

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Recent Advances in Post Systems: A Review

Nupur Jhavar, Sarvesha Bhondwe, Vishal Mahajan, Rohit Dhoot

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One Day Denture Camp: A Unique Community Programme beyond imagination

D.R. Prithviraj, Sounder Raj K, Prema, Shruthi D P, Abhishekha Patil, Satyam Gaur, Rachana Srivastava

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Periodontal Restorative Inter-Relationship: A Review

Satya Gupta, Vivek Govila, Mona Sharma, Smita Govila

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Lipomas of the Oral Cavity

Archana S, Bhuvan Nagpal,Usha Hegde,Abhishek Ghosh

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