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Clinical and Imaging Evaluation of Third Molars: A Review

Shikha mandal, Mayank Pahadia, Shashank Sahu, Aditya Joshi, Deep Suryawanshi, Alpana Tiwari


Third Molars are thought to have once been essential for early human ancestors in order to efficiently chew and digest the food necessary for normal human diet and development. Due to evolutionary changes and societal advancements, human diets gradually became less plant based, jaw sizes became smaller and the functional requirement and need for the third molars reduced drastically. Although third molars have similarities with other teeth, they are significantly different in many ways. They have less functionality and a greater frequency of disease process than other teeth. Successful evaluation and management of third molars requires a comprehensive history and physical examination in conjunction with an appropriate radiographic analysis. Clinical examination can be important aids for the treatment planning as well as preoperative medical management and the importance of imaging modalities in the management of third molars, facilitating surgical planning and overall patient education cannot be overstated.

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