Journal of Applied Dental
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ISSN : 2454-2288

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2016 - Vol. 2 Issue 4 Oct-Dec

Original Article

Prevalence of malocclusions in the North-East China attending the Department Orthodontic Second Affiliated Dental Hospital of Jiamusi University

 Raihan Kibria, Zhao Gang, Li Wei, ZaoTing

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Awareness, Knowledge And Practice Of Oral Hygiene Among School Teachers In Chennai - India

 M. Priya, Parisa Norouzi Baghkomeh , Deepti Amarlal

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Effect of edta, Etidronic acid, Phytic acid and Er:YSGG laser on calcium loss of root dentin using atomic absorption spectrophotometer -An in vitro study

 Krishnaprasad Shetty, Satish SV, Krishna rao Kilaru, K Mohsin Reza, Basavanagowda, Snehalatha Patil

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Patients’ Perception Towards Periodontal Therapy: A Cross-Sectional Survey

 Siddharth Gautam, Sushama R. Galgali , Ashank Mishra

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The effect of surface pretreatments on the bond strength of Soft denture lining materials to heat polymerized Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) denture base resin- An in vitro study

 S.K.Vishwanath, D.R.Prithviraj , K.Sounder Raj, Akash  Patel ,Shruti  Saraswat

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Determination of Buccolingual inclination in class 2 division 1 and class 1 malocclusion

Abdul Mueez, Adusumilli Gopinath , Neelakantha V Patil , K. Srinivas Kumar ,A.S Krishna Chaithanya

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Evaluation Of Shear Bond Strength (Sbs) Of Orthodontic Brackets Bonded With And Without Primer – An Invitro Study

Ayub khan, A. Gopinath , Sameer, Neelakantha, VenkatNaidu

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Case Report

A Holistic Approach for the Management of Lobular Capillary Haemangioma using ErCr:YSGG Laser

 Devashish, Vinod Chandel , Nishant Khurana ,Shruti Kanwar

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Diode Laser: “Bloodless” Boon For Soft Tissue Surgery In Periodontics

 Ketoulelhou Vizo, Priya Malhotra , Sonia , Patricia Ome Borang ,Nancy Arora

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An Aesthetic Overhaul With All Ceramic Crowns In Anterior Dentition With Deep Bite: A Case Report

 Shah Rupal J, Lagdive Sanjay B. , Talkal Arun K. , Vishal Verma,SatyaPrakash Shah, Shraddha Saini ,Sunil Shrof,Fatema Diwan

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Ewing’s Sarcoma of mandible

 Thriveni R, Saba Nasreen , DNSV Ramesh  , Praveen.A.H ,Amit Byatnal, Sweta  Kattimani, Wajiha Shereen

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A case report on Andrew’s Bridge

Deepali Deore, Rakesh Pawar, Hemant Gadge, Prashant Sriram, Nilesh Patil

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Review Article

Culture And Oral Health – A Review

 Shameema , Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal , Rekha P. Shenoy  , Praveen Jodalli ,Laxminarayan  Sonde

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Color stability of maxillofacial elastomers: A literature review

 Hiennaa D Mahale, Saee P Deshpande , Usha M Radke

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An Analysis of Herbs and Herbal Products with Potential Applications in Dentistry

 Kathavate RN., Mathews MA. , Awale PK., Desai S ,Tundalwar G

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Controversy in Periodontics and implication

 Nayanjyoti Deka

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