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The effect of surface pretreatments on the bond strength of Soft denture lining materials to heat polymerized Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) denture base resin- An in vitro study

 S.K.Vishwanath, D.R.Prithviraj , K.Sounder Raj, Akash  Patel ,Shruti  Saraswat


Background and objectives: This in vitro study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of air abrasion and acid etch surface pretreatment of denture base resin on tensile bond strength of two long term resilient liners. Method: A total of 120 heat cure PMMA resin blocks were prepared for producing 60 PMMA specimens with soft liner in between two blocks. The study comprised of 60 specimens divided into 3 groups. Each group containing 20 specimens. GROUP I- air abrasion with 50-µm Al2O3 particles (Abrasion group). GROUP II- 36% phosphoric acid etching (acid group). GROUP III- Control Group. Each group was divided into two subgroups. Subgroup A was relined by Molloplast B and Subgroup B was relined by Ufi Gel P. Tensile bond strength was tested using universal testing machine. Results and conclusions: Among the soft liners tested for tensile bond strength, it was found that tensile bond strength was highest for acid etching and lowest for air abrasion group. Mean bond strength of Molloplast B was significantly higher than Ufi Gel P in various surface treatment groups.

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