Journal of Applied Dental
and Medical Sciences
Journal of Applied Dental and Medical Sciences is A Quarterly Published

ISSN : 2454-2288

Infobase Index Factor : 2.8

2018 - Vol. 4 Issue 2 April-June

Original Article

The shape and size of the sella turcica in skeletal class I, II & III patients of Central india population

Pankaj Akhare, Pooja Wajekar, Usha Shenoy, Sujoy Banerjee, Ananya Hazare, Himija Karia , Sangeeta Bhattacharya

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Evaluation Of Training Of Trainers (Tot) Program In A Dental Institution As A Recon To Enhance Teaching Skills Among Dentists

Mythri H, Sateesh C P , K R Kashinath

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Awareness And Knowledge Of Tooth Extraction Complications Management Among Riyadh Elm University Dental Interns

Abdullah Alfaqeeh, Faisal Bin Dawoad, Abdulkarim Alabdulkarim, Meshal Albaqami, Hawfan Alshamrani, Mohammad Busaleh, Zuhair Moosa, Abdulmohsen Alrabiah

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Infection Control Knowledge And Practices Among Dental Students

Ghaidaa M. Barri, Manahil A. Alnafea, Rawan M. Barri, Shahzeb H. Ansari

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Prevalence Of Dental Caries Among School Children In Ghana

Abdullah Abugarnin

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Prevalence Of Elongated Styloid Process In Central India Population- A Panoramic Radiographic Study

Rishi Thukral, Animesh Barodiya, Shitij Bhargava, Naman Awasthi

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Comparison Between Pedicled Buccal Fat Pad Flap And Buccal Advancement Flap For Closure Of Oroantral Communication

Risshi Bhatt, Animesh Barodiya, Siddharth Singh, Naman Awasthi

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Case Report

Management Of Fused Maxillary Central Incisors Using Conservative Endodontic Treatment In Permanent Dentition : A Case Report

Rajnish Kumar, Prasad Rane , Zinnie Nanda, Akshay Bhavthankar, Rupali Gakhare, Nikita Patil

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Screw Retained Hybrid Tooth And Tissue Supported Overdenture

Vishnu Manohar, Rohan Grover, Thirumurthy VR, Bindhoo YA ,Anjana Kurien

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Large Erupting Maxillary Odontome: A Case Report with Literature Review

Amit Bali, Pareedhi

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Review Article

Self Retaining Lingual Retainer Stabilizer

Shrikant Chitko, Poonam Ravindra Mahajan , Bipin L. Khariwale ,Pratik Jaltare, Harshal patil

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