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Awareness, Knowledge And Practice Of Oral Hygiene Among School Teachers In Chennai - India

 M. Priya, Parisa Norouzi Baghkomeh , Deepti Amarlal


Background: School is an important avenue for promoting oral health and teachers play a major role in planning and implementation of oral health programs. Purpose: The aim of this study is to evaluate the level of knowledge and attitude towards oral health among the teachers and its correlation with motivating their students to maintain good oral health. Materials and Method: A cross sectional survey was conducted among school teachers of Chennai city. Structured questionnaire was used to collect information about oral self-care practices, use of toothpaste, consumer preferences, fluoride, and dental visiting habits. Teachers were categorized based on their age as Group I (21-30 years), Group II (31-40 years), Group III (41-50 years) and Group IV (51 or more years). Results: A total of 810 teachers responded to this survey, with basic demographic data showing 85.60% were female and 14.40% were male teachers. More than half the sample had done postgraduate degree. Considering years of experience 31% had less than five years experience, while 28.40% had sixteen years and above as experience. Majority chose their tooth brushes based on the brand. Fluoridated tooth paste was used by 71% of the teachers. Most of the teachers educated their students on topics related to oral health but majority of them had not received training on that. Conclusion: In conclusion, the younger age group teachers had better knowledge of basic oral hygiene measures, whereas the older age group teachers were willing to update themselves and impart dental education to students.

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