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An Aesthetic Overhaul With All Ceramic Crowns In Anterior Dentition With Deep Bite: A Case Report

 Shah Rupal J, Lagdive Sanjay B. , Talkal Arun K. , Vishal Verma,SatyaPrakash Shah, Shraddha Saini ,Sunil Shrof,Fatema Diwan


The smile constitutes an important component in the presentation of a human being favouring his or her social acceptance. The use of ceramic restorations in rehabilitation of anterior dentition has long been established for restoring their shape, texture, lustre and colour. Significant developments in all-ceramic materials have created wonderful opportunities for the fabrication of lifelike restorations that provide reliable, long-term results. Lithium-disilicate glass-ceramics are one of the newest generations of all-ceramic materials which along with optimum esthetics, offer the advantage of a relatively higher strength and the ability to be adhesively bonded. This article represents a clinical case involving the use of lithium- disilicate glass-ceramic (IPS e.max Press II) crowns and partial coverage restorations for a patient presenting with severe wear due to fluorosis and proclined anteriors with deep bite

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