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An Analysis of Herbs and Herbal Products with Potential Applications in Dentistry

 Kathavate RN., Mathews MA. , Awale PK., Desai S ,Tundalwar G


Plants, herbs and herbal products have been used for curing different diseases and conditions since time immemorial. In every part of world they have been used. The Indians, Chinese, Mesopotamians and the Egyptians all developed their own traditional medicinal systems based on the observations made on various medicinal properties of the flora found all around them. Herbs and herbal products were widely and efficiently used for the treatment of different ailments. These ancients who started using them, developed them over the course of time had set some rules about how to use the plants as medicine avoiding their side effects and adverse reactions in the best possible manner. The Indian traditional medicine system is a great repository of knowledge of the subject but we are lacking in its proper implementation of it in the modern times. There is comparatively less usage of medicinal plants directly in dentistry than other sectors. A comprehensive source of plants or herbs which are used in or have potential use to be used in dentistry is lacking and an increased research efforts are warranted for the rediscovery of the lost and seemingly important knowledge in the wake of potential threats such as the rise if antimicrobial resistance. This paper tries to outline the major herbs and herbal products which have a potential to be used in dentistry.

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