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Culture And Oral Health – A Review

 Shameema , Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal , Rekha P. Shenoy  , Praveen Jodalli ,Laxminarayan  Sonde


Culture is often defined as coherent, shared patterns of actions or beliefs specific to named groups of people that provide basic life roadmaps or social contexts, defining behavioural norms and interpersonal relationships as well as unwritten rules for proper living. Culture is a term that can be used to refer shared pattems, knowledge, meanings and behaviours of a social group'. Every social grouping in the world has its own cultural practices and beliefs which guide its members on how they should live or behave The list of harmful practices worldwide is long such as uvula cutting , milk teeth extraction, tooth evulsion, body decoration, piercing of oral cavity etc. These specific practices and beliefs often have strong cultural influences. These can be positive but they can also be negative. For dental health professionals dealing across cultural gaps, respect and communication are essential. Dentists who understand traditional or local health practices and concepts will be able to motivate their patients and help them to incorporate elements from various healing systems.

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