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Effect of edta, Etidronic acid, Phytic acid and Er:YSGG laser on calcium loss of root dentin using atomic absorption spectrophotometer -An in vitro study

 Krishnaprasad Shetty, Satish SV, Krishna rao Kilaru, K Mohsin Reza, Basavanagowda, Snehalatha Patil


Aim: To analyze the calcium loss of root dentin with the use of EDTA, etidronic acid, phtytic acid and Er:YSGG laser an atomic absorption spectrophotometer analysis. Materials and Methods: Twenty samples of extracted single rooted mandibular premolar teeth were decoronated at cemento-enamel junction and were further sectioned mesio-distally into two halves. The resultant forty samples were grouped in 5 groups, GROUP A (sodium hypochlorite and EDTA), GROUP B (sodium hypochlorite and etidronic acid), GROUP C (sodium hypochlorite and phytic acid), GROUP D (sodium hypochlorite and Er:YSGG laser) and CONTROL GROUP(sodium hypochlorite and distilled water) All the specimens were immersed in a magnetic stirrer bath containing 10 ml of the first test solution for 5 min and subsequently in second test solution. Loss of calcium in root dentin analysed by the atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Result: Irrigation with 3% NaOCl + 9% Etidronic acid caused the maximum calcium loss from root dentin. Irrigation with 3% NaOCl + Distilled water caused minimum calcium loss from root dentin and maximum micro hardness.

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