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Oral Health Perception And Practices Among School Teachers In A South Indian City

A. Vinita Mary, A. V. Rajesh Ebenezar , R. Kesavan, Preetha E. Chaly , V. Chandrasekhara Reddy, Naveen Ingle 


Objectives: A study was conducted to assess oral health perception and practices of school teachers in Chennai city which would help in planning school training program for teachers. Methodology: The selection of a school was done in such a way that the particular school type was present in adequate numbers in all the zones of the city. Cluster sampling methodology was used to select the samples. The final sample consisted of 1059 school teachers who were examined from various zones of Chennai. Results: It was seen that though the major source of information about oral health were doctors, dentists or nurse (45.1%) but 29.1% had never visited a dentist. Less than three-forth, i.e. 69.3%, 70.9% and 65.3% were aware about the relationship between general and oral health, oral cancer and tobacco chewing and sugar consumption and dental caries, respectively. Conclusion: The knowledge, attitude and practices of teachers towards oral health need to be improved..

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