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Idiopathic gingival fibromatosis – A Rare Case Report

Pratik Parkarwar, Kiran Patil, Afroz Anjum, Rohan Choudhari, Yogesh Doshi, Rajendra Birangane


Idiopathic gingival enlargement is diverse group of chaos. The situation manifests itself by progressive enlargements of gingival tissue. This gingival enlargement is maily caused by an increase in the sub mucosal connective tissue element. This type of enlargement is a proliferative fibrous lesion. This proliferative lesion causes esthetics and functional problems. The condition is atypical and inherited . The condition mostly involves keratinized gingiva .The nature of condition is slowly progressive, not hemorrhagic. The involvement is fibrous in nature. The case report is of 13 year old male. The patient presented with diffused gingival enlargement involving maxillary and mandibular teeth on right side .Biopsy report confirmed the diagnosis of gingival hyperplasia. Surgery excision was carried out without any recurrence.

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