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Preventive Prosthodontics: Combination of Tooth Supported BPS Overdenture & Flexible Removable Partial Denture

A. Habeeb Bin Mohsin,M. Priyanka ,Sarah Samee


It is rightly said preservation of what remains is more important, with this in consideration preventive prosthodontics can be appropriately applied highlighting the importance of delaying or eliminating future prosthodontic treatment. In this case study mandibular tooth supported BPS (bio-functional prosthetic system) overdenture and maxillary flexible partial denture was fabricated for the patient. This gives the patient a denture that has more support and retentive principles incorporated, resulting in improved retention. Decrease in rate of resorption of bone hence preservation of alveolar ridge. Overdenture patient possessed preserved sensory function, i.e., discriminating between occlusal forces closer to natural teeth. These factors greatly enhance the patient’s physiologic coordination and ability to control the denture.

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