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Mucocele on the lower lip treated by scalpel excision method-A Case Report

Parveen Reddy KM, Prahalad Hunasigi, Amar Varma C, Praveen kumar NH, Vinod Kumar


The Mucoceles or Mucus retention phenomenon is a salivary gland lesion of traumatic origin, formed when the main duct of a minor salivary gland is torn with subsequent extravasation of the mucus into the fibrous connective tissue so that a cyst like cavity is produced. The wall of this cavity is formed by compressed bundles of collagen fibrils and it is filled with mucin. Mucoceles occur most commonly on the lower lip, followed by the floor of mouth and buccal mucosa being the next most frequent sites. This paper present the Mucocele case reported at pediatric and preventive dentistry.

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