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To Study Awareness of Patients about Implant and Willingness for Implant

Sunita Mathuriya, Surendra Agarwal


Aim: The aim of this survey was to assess the level, sources, and need for information about dental implants along with willingness of dental implants among a selected sample of dental patients attending dental OPD’s in Bhopal city. Methodology: This Questionnaire based study was conducted during May-October 2013 for a period of 6months. All patients attending the outpatient department of Prosthodontics in People’s College of Dental Sciences and private dental clinics in Bhopal city were included in the study. Results: Mean age of the study population was 42.99+ 16.273, male outnumbered by 1.4 and most of the study population was less educated and unemployed and unskilled workers. Primary reason for outdoor consultation was for replacement of lost tooth/teeth (81.7%). Only 32.5% of the people in Bhopal were aware about dental implants as a treatment modality. High cost of the implants is one of the major limiting factors working against willingness of patients to undergo this treatment. Majority of the studied patients were not aware of details of dental implants, procedure, advantages and disadvantages. Conclusion: Majority of study population was unaware of dental implant. There was significant association of education and occupation and knowledge about dental implant procedure, advantages, disadvantages, willingness for implant and knowledge about cost of dental implant

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