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Junctional Epithelium: A dynamic seal around the tooth

Anindya Priya Saha, Sananda Saha, Somadutta Mitra


Junctional epithelium located at an interface of gingival sulcus and periodontal connective tissue, provides a dynamic seal around the teeth, protecting the delicate periodontal tissue from offending bacteria, which is critical for health of supportive periodontal tissue, and hence tooth as a whole. Its rapid turnover is important for maintaining tissue homeostasis. It plays a more active role in innate defense than what was thought earlier. In addition, it expresses some mediators of inflammation involved in immune response. Its unique structural and functional adaptability maintains the anti-microbial security. Detachment of JE from tooth surface is the hallmark of initiation of periodontal pocket, and hence periodontitis. This review article has made an attempt to put light on various aspects of this unique tissue.

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