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Fabrication of an interim prosthesis for a patient with palatal perforation: A Case Report

Ashita Dahiya, Monalisha Das, P.Laxman Rao


Introduction: The aim of this paper is to present a case with a palatal perforation and fabrication of an interim prosthesis for the patient for his functional needs like speech and mastication. Case Presentation: A 54 year old patient reported to the Department of Prosthodontics with a mid -palatal perforation and difficulty in speech and mastication. After examination and surgical consult an interim prosthesis was planned for the patient until the definitive surgical treatment was undertaken. Discussion: The palate being a complex part of the oral cavity with a variety of tissue types give rise to a variety of pathologies. Palatal perforation can be defined as a communication between the nasal cavities and the oral cavity. There are various potential causes of palatal perforation. Understanding these conditions requires appreciation of the different tissues native to the palate and their complexity and a planned treatment plan for correction of these perforations either surgically or prosthetically

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