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Comparison Of Accuracy Of Root Zx, Propex Pixi And Romidan Apex Locator - An In-Vitro Study

T.Manisha Choudary, Bharat Deosarkar, Samay Chavan, Kapil Kurtikar, Pawan Darak


Objective: The objective of this in vitro study was to compare the accuracy of the three different apex locator i.e Root -ZX apex locator, Propex pixi & Romidan apex locator. Methods and Material: Thirty single rooted extracted teeth were mounted into alginate. The teeth were decoronated and the coronal section of each canal was flared using Gates- Glidden drills. Canals were irrigated with 5 % sodium hypochloride solution. Actual root canal length were determined by inserting a # 15K- file until the tip was visualized (by Vision inspection system) just within the apical foramen .The results obtained with each electronic apex locator (EAL) were compared with the actual canal length. Differences between the electronic and actual length were calculated. Results: The statistical analysis of the results showed EAL reliability in detecting the apical foramen to 89.7% for Root-ZX and 82.1% for the Propex pixi & Ramidan showed 79%, taking the tolerance of ± 0.5 into consideration. A paired sample t- test showed that there was no statistically significant difference between the accuracy of the two devices (p= 0.4305) Conclusion: The results of this study indicate that the Root- ZX, Propex pixi & Ramidan are useful devices for apical foramen location. This study shows that Root zx is showing more accuracy than the Propex pixi and Propex pixi showed more accuracy than Romidan

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