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and Medical Sciences
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Self Ligating Brackets: An Evolving System

Divya Phaphriya, Ankur Chaukse , Abhishek Chaudhary, Amitabh Kallury, Trilok Shrivastava,
Syed Akbar Ali 


With the ever evolving orthodontic practices, concept of self ligation is readily accepted by clinicians over the globe. Soon, stainless steel and elastomeric ligatures will become outdated making way for more comfortable and user friendly self ligating appliances. Self ligating system provides an added advantage of reduced ligation time and decreased friction thereby reducing anchorage demand. Considering the advantages of self-ligating brackets for the clinician, staff, and patient, they may well become the “conventional” appliance systems of the 21st century. This article highlights various self ligating systems to aid in proper appliance selection so as to use this system’s features to the best possible extent.

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