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Ankyloglossia: Treatment By Electrosurgery – A Case Series

Bhairavi Kale, Priyanka Jaiswal ,Prasad Dhadse, M. L. Bhongade, Ankita Agrawal, Bindu Singh,Tulika Soni


Background - Tongue tie is the condition of tongue tip which restricts the movements of the tongue, leads to difficulty in phonation and other problems like maintenance of the oral hygiene. For that the minor surgical procedure is required to fix this abnormal lingual frenal attachment. There are various treatment modalities available for the treatment of lingual frenectomy. Basic procedure - A total of 12 patients were selected in the case series with class II and III ankyloglossia according to Kotlow’s classification. All the patients were treated with electrocautry under local anesthesia and evaluated for free tongue length pre operatively, immediate post operatively and at 24 months. Main findings - On statistical analysis, the baseline (7.08 ± 2.46) and immediate post operative (11.75 ± 1.54) mean values were significant. Also the baseline (7.08 ± 2.46) and post operative 24 months (11.08 ± 1.31) mean values were statistically significant. Principal conclusion - The use of electrocautry for the lingual frenectomy is a good option for the patient. Electrocautry reduces the intra and post operative pain.

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