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An Assessment Of Job Satisfaction: A Cross-Sectional Study Among Prosthodontists

Mohannad Almusined, Fahad Alotibi, Amer Alrashedi, TareqAlqunayan, Nasser Almosallam, Ashwin C Shetty


Aim:To determine the level of job satisfaction among dental among prosthodontists in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia. Methods :The study was conducted among 64 prosthodontists in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia. Job satisfaction was measured by using a modified version of the Dentists Satisfaction Survey questionnaire. Descriptive analysis was undertaken to present an overview of the findings from this sample. Results:The majority agree that overall they are satisfied with their career. However, just over half the respondents agree that compared to other specialty their total income is much lower than they desired. The majority agree that prosthodontists has more back problem compared to other specialty. There was no statistically significant association between various satisfaction items and demographics. Conclusion:Overall job satisfaction among orthodontists was medium. The most satisfying aspects of prosthodontists were dentist-patient relations and professional development time. The least satisfying aspects of orthodontics are personal time and back problem.

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