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Archform In Orthodontics: A Review

Amit Tiwari, Ashish Garg , Bhavna Virang, Samprita Sahu, Neetu Shah, Nikhil Verma


Dental arch form is the arch, formed by the buccal and facial surfaces of the teeth when viewed from their occlusal surfaces. The universal ideal arch form is one of the most persistent but exclusive task for most of the orthodontic researchers have. Concerning the orthodontic treatment, basic principle of arch form in is that within reason, the patients original arch from should be preserved. Therefore, if the preformed arch wires are to be used, it is to be kept in the mind that their shape should be considered a starting point for the adjustment necessary for proper individualization as all the presently available preformed arch wire do not reflect these variations in the arch form. Because of these complex problems, and relatively low knowledge of dental arches, as of today, there is no universally accepted ideal arch form. The present article gives the review about the changes in the concept of arch form from conventional era to modern practice.

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