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Basal Implants : A Breakthrough For Atrophic Ridges: Review

Sohaib Syed Aleemuddin Shahed, S.C.Nagaral, Asad Musa Mujawar


Dental implants emerged as a boon in the field of dentistry and helped both -the operator and the patient for partial and complete oral rehabilitations with adequate bone height . But the prognosis in the atrophied ridges always remained questionable and unpredictable if it is associated with the ridge augmentation procedures. The augmentation procedures increase the cost, time and psychological well being of the patient and making him socially inactive. Rehabilitation of severely atrophic jaws is facilitated when basal disk implants are used. This article discusses the value of using basal implants and the differences that exist between basal implants and crestal implants in perioperative status, infection around integrated implants, load transmissions and advantages and disadvatages.

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