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Management Of Anxious And Phobic Patients In A Dental Practice

Preeti Singh, Anu Singh, Jyothi C., Nidhi Pruthi, Devina Pradhan


As we know, amongst the most troublesome issues faced by the dental professional today is persuading people everywhere of the need for regular dental treatments and check-ups. The dental anxious and/or phobic patients are the ones whom the practitioner might attempt to aim for his or her general practice. Dental anxiety and Phobia focuses on a continuity, which may reflect complex mental issues that has brought serious effect to the lives of the people that experience the ill effects of them. It is important to consider how best to treat dental anxiety and Phobia in order to avoid poor oral health later on. Advertising plays a vital role in bringing attention of the people towards dental care. Eye-catching kid's shows, logos, and trademarks draws attention of such patients and assure them that their sentiments will not be disregarded. Dental procedures carried on normal individuals and individuals with anxiety and phobia are the same. However, in cases of pain management, some additional treatments can be carried on or the treatment can be altered if necessary. A recall approach is important for the follow-up procedures. Over the years, there are various approaches regarding recall that have been suggested. Recall can be through written or telephonic communication at various intervals after the patient had undergone any kind of treatment. Proper understanding of the psychology of such patients, their behaviour and the reason for this can help dental practitioner and its staff to plan out an effective way to minimize their discomfort and anxiety.

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