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Interrelationship Between Prosthodontics And Periodontics-A Review Article

Preetika bansal, Pardeep Bansal , Tejinder


Sound periodontium is of utmost importance for the success of restorative therapy and maintainence of periodontal health for the long term success of prosthetic treatment. the collaborative disciple between prosthodontics and periodontics are much needed for the good prognosis of the prosthodontic treatment. For the facilitation of this collaboration, prosthodontists should appreciate the periodontic implications of gingival displacement procedures and tooth preparation and should also have knowledgeable about the types of gingival tissues, osseous topography, occlusal effects, and their implications for abutment choice. Hence the prosthodontics and periodontics share an intimate and inseparable relationship in multiple aspects, including treatment plan, procedures execution, outcome achievement and maintenance.

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