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Sannruds Space Maintainer: A Case Report

Devyani Singh, Monisha Moses, Neerja Singh, Subash Singh


The premature loss of primary molars often causes undesirable drifting and loss of space. However, insertion of space maintainers to preserve arch length can prevent or limit the malocclusion development. A 6 year old child reported to the department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, with multiple grossly decayed teeth. Clinical evaluation revealed loss of clinical crown structure. Radiographically, multiple teeth showed radiolucency involving the furcation area with internal resorbtion. Therefore, before extraction, preservation of space for succedaneous tooth was planned. Sannruds space maintainer was planned as a temporary space maintainer till the eruption of the permanent first molar would be available for banding and fabrication of conventional space maintainers as clinically, the crown length of permanent first molar was not adequate for banding. Monthly follow-ups were done for examining wire distortion or breakage of springs due to occlusal load.

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