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Temporomandibular Joint And Orthodontics: A Review Article

Rajdeeep Kaur, Sudhir Munjal, Satnam Singh, Amanpreet Singh Natt, Harmeet Singh


The temporomandibular joint receives its name from the two bones that enter into its formation, namely the temporal bone and the mandible. This complex synovial system is composed of two temporomandibular joints together with their articulating ligaments and masticatory muscles. The causes of temporomandibular disorders are complex and multifactorial. There are numerous factors that can contribute to temporomandibular disorders. The successful management of temporomandibular disorders is dependent on identifying and controlling the contributing factors. There is a long time debate whether orthodontic treatment is the cause of Temporomandibular joint disorders ( TMD) or it is used to alleviate the symptoms associated with these disorders such as clicking joints, Muscular pains etc..

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