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and Medical Sciences
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Tooth supported overdenture: A concept not yet forgotten!

Pardeep Bansal,Preetika bansal, Kabira


The tooth retained overdenture treatment is simple as well as cost effective when compared with the implant overdenture treatment option. When firm teeth are present, they can be retained and used as abutment for overdenture fabrication. This helps to improve the retention and result of better patient acceptance. Bone is a dynamic tissue. The extraction of teeth results in initiation of the bone resorption pattern. However, when tensile stress is received by the bone, additional bone formation take place. Such stresses occur when the occlusal forces are transmitted to the alveolar bone by the periodontal ligament. Moreover it gives the patient the satisfaction of having prosthesis with his natural teeth still present. In this case report, an overdenture with cast metal copings and conventional maxillary complete denture followed by extraction of mobile teeth wrt 17, 18.

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