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The Effect Of Commonly Used Types Of Coffee Brands Available In Saudi Market On Teeth Staining: An In Vitro Study

Moath Alotaibi, Fahad Algahtani , Mohammed Alsharif, Faisal Aldulbahi, Anas Almutlaq, Sultan Binalrimal


Aim: To evaluate the effect of commonly used types of coffee brands available in Saudi Arabia market on teeth staining. Methods: This is an in vitro experimental study. A total of 25 premolar teeth was used in this study. Teeth were soaked in four different types coffee brands for 2 minutes, 3 days, and 7 days. Color measurements were taken before immersion, followed by 2 minutes, 3 days, and 7 days after immersion by VITA Easy shade device, CIELAB measurement was used. Descriptive analysis was undertaken to present an overview of the findings from this sample. Results: Among the di?erent four brands of coffee in which teeth were placed, maximum change in color was seen with Java Time, and minimum change was in Tim Horton brand. At 2 minutes after immersion, Starbucks coffee brand showed the highest color change among all brands. At both 3 days and 7 days after immersion, Java Time showed the highest color change from baseline among all brands. Conclusion: All coffee brands used in this study caused teeth discoloration. The effect of the coffee brands on the color change of the teeth depends on type, amount, and concentration of each brand.

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