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Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis Involving Parotid and Ramus Region: A Forgotten Diagnosis

Vanaja Reddy , Arati Chaudhary , P.V. Wanjari , Ashish M. Warhekar , Sweety Lalawat , Mimansha Verma 


Tuberculosis is a major health problem in developing nations. Extra-pulmonary form of this disease is uncommon, but its prevalence has increased in the last couple of years. This can affect any organ system and involvement of head and neck region is our prime concern. Involvement of parotid gland is rare and presents as localized glandular swelling giving a non-specific clinical picture. Since a broad spectrum of pathological conditions affecting salivary gland may mimic such presentation, the possibility of tuberculous involvement of gland is often overlooked. This case report highlights that despite of its rare occurrence, tubercular parotid lymphadenitis should be considered in differential diagnosis of a discrete parotid gland swelling/mass.

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