Journal of Applied Dental
and Medical Sciences
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Stem cells: A new paradigm in dentistry

B. K. Motwani, Manmohit Singh, Gurpreet Kaur, Sanjeev Singh, Pritesh O. Gangde


Stem cell (SC) therapy has a promising future for tissue regenerative medicine. However, because SC technology is still in its infancy, interdisciplinary cooperation is needed to achieve successful clinical applications. Dental SCs have drawn attention in recent years because of their accessibility, plasticity, and high proliferative ability. Based on their ability to rescue and/or repair injured tissue and partially restore organ function, multiple types of stem/progenitor cells have been speculated. Growing evidence demonstrates that stem cells are primarily found in niches and that certain tissues contain more stem cells than others. Among these tissues, the dental tissues are considered a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells that are suitable for tissue engineering applications.Several types of dental SCs have been identified, including dental pulp SCs from adult human dental pulp, SCs from human primary exfoliated deciduous teeth, periodontal ligament SCs, and dental follicle SCs from human third molars. Similar to mesenchymal SCs, these dental SCs can undergo self-renewal and have multipotent differentiation ability, but do not have the ethical issues associated with other sources of SCs.This review describes new findings in the field of dental stem cell research and on their potential use in the tissue regeneration.

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