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Diode Laser Applications in Pediatric dentistry

Megha Sharma 


A replacement for conventional methods or in conjunction, laser technologies are expected to be¬come an essential component of contemporary pediatric dental practice. Understanding the various uses of laser is simply to accept the cutting edge of present day pedodontics. Lasers are commonly used in efficient diagnosis of dental caries, preventive and restorative dentistry and in pulp therapy treatment in children. Oral hard and soft tissues have a distinct affinity for absorbing laser energy of a specific wave¬length. Diode laser has one of the most versatile ranges of wavelengths available due to the number of different therapies that can be performed in several tissues. They offer a comfortable and stress-free environment to the pedodontist and child by offering an excellent haemostatic effect, easy ap¬plication, reduced pain, swelling and the use of post-operative antibiotics. The aim of this paper is to review the various diode laser applications in pediatric dentistry.

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