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Molar Distalization By Miniplates- A Review

Neeraj Patil , Veerendra Kerudi , Harshal A Patil , Pawankumar D. Tekale , Prasad Bonde, Siddhesh Dolas 


Treatment of Class II malocclusions, without extractions, frequently requires distalization of maxillary molars into a Class I relationship by means of extra-oral or intraoral forces. Several methods and devices can be used to distalize maxillary molars and to correct Class II malocclusions. The most conventional method for distalizing the maxillary molars involves use of cervical headgear but the success of the treatment depends heavily on patient cooperation. Several intraoral appliances have been used to distalize the maxillary molars in Class II patients without the patient’s cooperation; these include nickel-titanium spring, magnet distal jet, first class, Jones jig, pendulum, and Keles slider appliances.

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