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Atypical Clinical Manifestation of Actinic Prurigo, Case Report

Mendoza-Juache A , Tejeda-Nava FJ , Toral-Rizo VH , Alvarado-Hernández DL , Torres-Reyes P , Aranda-Romo S


Actinic prurigo is an idiopathic photodermatosis with a chronic course, characterized by deep itching, erythematous macules, ulcers and/or papules in cutaneous areas exposed to sunlight. A 27-year-old Mexican Men presented due to vesicular ulcerated lesions on lips with 15 days of evolution and periods of exacerbation and remission since he was a child. A lower-lip biopsy was made, which confirmed the suspected diagnostic: actinic prurigo. Steroids were administered to the patient during a week, with remission of lesions. The vesicular ulcerative lesions, are an atypical clinical presentation of Actinic prurigo, which could make even more difficult the diagnosis.

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