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An Aesthetic Management of Missing Maxillary Central Incisor with Loop Connector: An Endodontic - Prosthodontic Approach

Diptesh S. Rami , Setu Bavaria , Rajesh Sethuraman , Nimisha Shah, Noopur Agrawal, Kishan Detroja


One of the most challenging and complex treatment modality is replacement of single anterior tooth. This can be overcome by different treatment options such as implant-supported restorations as well as conventional porcelain-fused-to-metal and resin-bonded fixed partial dentures. Drifting of teeth into the edentulous area may reduce the available pontic space; whereas a diastema existing before an extraction may result in excessive mesiodistal dimension to the pontic space. Although rarely used loop connectors are sometimes required to address this problem of excessive mesio-distal width pontic space. Loop connector Fixed Dental Prosthesis (FDP) may be the simplest and best solution to maintain the diastema and provide optimum restoration of aesthetics. This case report describes the procedure for the fabrication of a loop connector FDP to restore an excessively wide anterior edentulous space in a patient with existing spacing between the maxillary anterior teeth.

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