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Leukemic Gingival Enlargement - A Role Of Periodontist In Early Diagnosis And Prompt Referral: A Case Report

Jampani Narendra Dev , Songa Vajra Madhuri , Lahari Buggapati , Theruru Kotaiah , Mohd Aijaz Ahmed 


Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia (AML) is a malignant disease of bone marrow, usually presenting gingival overgrowth as its first clinical manifestation. Even though many cases of gingival enlargement associated with AML are reported in the literature, there are very few cases diagnosed by dental professionals based on oral manifestations. Here is a case report of a 35year-old male patient who reported to our department with a chief complaint of generalized gingival overgrowth and inability to chew. Since the clinical findings did not bear resemblance to any inflammatory condition, and the patient was not under any medication, blood sample was sent for routine blood investigations which rendered to diagnose it as acute myeloid leukemia. Treatment by chemotherapeutic induction regimen for a period of two months along with meticulous oral hygiene maintenance resulted in remission of the disease and complete regression of the gingival hyperplasia. The purpose of this article is to bring awareness on early oral signs and symptoms of systemic conditions and the role of periodontist who can provide an opportunity for timely diagnosis, early referral and prompt treatment.

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