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Dentitia Praecox - Natal Teeth: A Case Report and Review

Akash Ardeshana , Seema Bargale , Anuradha Karri , Bhavna Dave 


Occurrence of natal and neonatal teeth is rare anomalies. Natal teeth present at birth where as neonatal teeth erupt within thirty days of life. Exact etiology for this condition is unknown. Different factors like heredity, environmental toxicant, endocrine disturbances, and superficial position of tooth germ are associated with etiology. Prevalence is different in different population. Natal and neonatal teeth are usually present as pair and most commonly seen in mandibular central incisor region. There are various problem associated with natal and neonatal teeth, like pain on suckling, mobility of the teeth, ulceration on ventral surface of tongue and refusal to feed. The decision of treatment plan is based on several factors. If it is part of normal dentition without any complication, maintain in the mouth is the first treatment choice. Extraction is performed if these teeth are extremely mobile to avoid the chance of aspiration. Here we present a case of 8 day old baby with natal teeth and discuss the literature review of its quadrant wise distribution, prevalence clinical features, treatment plane and complication.

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