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Association between Oral Candidiasis and ABO blood types

Shilpa Jain , Kamal Shigli , Umesh Palekar , Vaibhav Awinashe , Arpit Jain , Khochai Chiang


Need for the study: an association between ABO blood types and several infections have been extensively studied. However, not much has been studied on the correlation between the blood types, degree of oral candidal colonization and denture plaque accumulation among denture wearers. Purpose: To correlate the degree of oral Candidal colonization and ABO blood type among denture wearers. Materials and methodology- patients requiring complete dentures were selected for the study and divided into control and study groups (Group A and B). Concentrated oral rinse samples were obtained from each patient to determine the Candidal carriage. Direct heamagglutination method was performed using monoclonal antibodies to determine blood groups (A,B,AB,O). Data was tabulated and analysed by t-test, chi-square test and Tukey’s test to determine the correlation. Result- Oral Candidal carriage among the study group was 37.14% which was statistically significant (p< 0.05). Our results showed higher degree of oral Candidal carriage among individuals with blood group O. Conclusion: individuals with blood group O are more susceptible to increased oral Candidal infection.

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