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Knowledge and awareness of dental practitioners about the anti cariogenic effect of xylitol in Hyderabad city

Bagalkotkar Apeksha, Penmetcha Sarada, Namineni Srinivas, CH Sampath Reddy, Ziauddin Mohammed, Mishra Ashank


Dental caries is a multifactorial disease among which one of them is the substrate or sugars that are associated with the decay process. Sugar substitutes which are not fermented by the oral microorganisms will be of great importance in avoiding the series of reactions associated with dental caries. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol which cannot be fermented by mutans streptococci which is the caries inducing microorganism. Thus, knowledge about its availability commercially, dosages, frequency will be of great use in utilizing it as a preventive measure in controlling the disease process. This study aims to assess the knowledge of dental practitioners in Hyderabad city about sugar substitutes; xylitol in particular in a questionnaire based study. The questions regarding xylitol are based on its anti-cariogenic potential, correct age appropriate dosages, frequency of consumption, its commercial availability, its side effects and major hindrances in not being able to prescribe it as a preventive measure.

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