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and Medical Sciences
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Overview on concepts of dental caries

Hema B S, Saloni Goenka, Poorva Verma


Epidemiologic data in the literature indicates that understanding of caries has changed in the last century. Scientific advances in cariology in the past 150 year have led to the understand the dental caries as a chronic, dietomicrobial, site-specific disease caused by a shift from protective factors favouring tooth demineralization to destructive factors leading to demineralization. This paper focuses on the history of dental caries with an emphasis on relevant developments in understanding of different concepts and its implication. It provides a brief overview of important concepts, and scientific developments that have shaped our current understanding of one of the most common diseases in humans. The primary emphasis was placed on the importance of appreciating caries as a common, complex, chronic disease whose deleterious effects can be mitigated best with ongoing use of appropriate, risk-based protective measures based on the current concept.

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