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Flangeless over denture with preci-clix attachment- a case report

Sumit Singh, Abhinav Shekhar, Anshuman Chaturvedi


With increasing stress on preventive prosthodontics, the use of over dentures has reached a point where it is now a feasible alternative to most treatment plan. Outlines in the construction of a prosthesis for patients with remaining teeth. The overdenture, a complete or partial denture prosthesis constructed over existing teeth or root structure, is not a new concept in a technical approach to a prosthodontic problem. Indeed its use dates back to 100 years. According to GPT-8, It is defined as “Any removable dental prosthesis that covers or rests on one or more remaining natural teeth, the roots of natural teeth ,and/or dental implants; a dental prosthesis that covers and is partially supported by natural teeth, natural tooth roots, and/or dental implants”. The major advantage of an over denture is that it maintains proprioception of teeth and improve stability and retention. Overdenture is preventive prosthodontics concept involving the multidisciplinary approach involving periodontal, endodontic & prosthodontics intervention. Prefabricated attachments are versatile and provide considerable retention and stability.

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