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Anterior Loop Connector: A Subtle Solution For Maintaining the Diastema and Esthetics – A Case Report

Mehtaab Singh Bhatia, Nitin A. Vaidya, Vidya N. Vaidya, Saumya Sharma, Pranay Kankaria , Hemangi Som


Patients with missing anterior teeth, along with diastema have very limited treatment options to restore the edentulous space. Replacement of single anterior tooth is a complex and challenging procedure that can be accomplished either by implant-supported restorations or conventional porcelain-fused-to-metal or resin-bonded fixed partial dentures. If implant supported prosthesis is not the possible treatment option, FPD along with loop connector may be the best solution to maintain the diastema and provide optimum restoration of aesthetic. This clinical report describes the procedure of replacing missing maxillary central incisor with loop connector fixed partial prosthesis while maintaining diastema.

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