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A Fixed-Removable Type Of Telescopic Prosthesis: A Clinical-Report

Vijayanti. H. Lotwani, Akshay Bhandari , Shyam Bhamare


This article describes the importance of saving and using natural teeth as abutments for a telescopic type of prosthesis. Such prosthesis has advantages over the conventional removable prosthesis and complete dentures. Telescopic prosthesis consists of an inner primary coping that is permanently cemented on the natural tooth and a secondary coping which is a part of the prosthesis. The primary copings help to prevent caries and protect the natural tooth from thermal irritations. They also help in retention and stabilization of the secondary copings and so the prosthesis. Telescopic retainers offer a wide range of treatment modalities, hence should not be forgotten as a treatment modality, rather should be considered as an important option in treatment planning.

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