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Role Of Homeopathy In Management Of Chronic Respiratory Disease- A Review Of Literature

Bhasker Sharma


BACKGOUND: The prevalence of asthma is elevating despite of the advances in its management. In some patients, asthma attacks are fatal and require prompt hospitalization. Regular control of asthma involves symptom improvement during activity, and enhancement of lung function. Homoeopathy is the second most commonly used Management protocol amongst the healthcare systems as per the World Health Organization. Cost effectiveness is another major factor subjects are moving to homeopathy in developing nations. They are safe and are less likely to lead to an adverse event. It is second most commonly accepted treatment strategy in India. The aim of the present study was to review the respiratory diseases and the role of homeopathy in the management of the same. The outcomes of management in true settings when measured along with patient satisfaction surveys have provided positive evidence in different studies.

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