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Infection Control Knowledge And Practices Among Dental Students

Ghaidaa M. Barri, Manahil A. Alnafea, Rawan M. Barri, Shahzeb H. Ansari


Aim: To evaluate the knowledge and practice of infection control measures among dental students in Riyadh Elm University and to clarify the importance of infection control in dental setting. Methods :A online cross-sectional survey was conducted among dental students in REU consisting of twenty one close-ended questions. The data was collected and were analyzed using SPSS. Results: Of the 200 respondents, the majority reported wearing gloves, eye wear/face shield, and gown. Most of the students reported changing gloves between patients and washing their hands after each gloves change. Most of the students knew that dental clinics were more prone to the transmission of infectious diseases than other medical clinics. Almost everyone reported sterilizing instruments after each procedure. Conclusion: The level of knowledge about the infection control among the dental students was satisfactory. The study highlighted the importance of infection control and the need more motivation and education of dental staff could be helpful in form of pamphlets and seminars.

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